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Visualization and informatization of energy utilization Continuous discovery and excavation of energy saving potential

Energy saving and consumption reduction is the top priority of printing and dyeing enterprises. Printing and dyeing enterprises began to install water, electricity and steam meters on a single machine, and carried out the energy assessment to the machine to the shift to the individual. Through the collection and analysis of energy consumption data of the machine for a period of time, set the best consumption of various types of machines to control water through the proportional control valve. And the amount of steam. It provides a multidimensional analysis tool for energy consumption, and analyzes it from multiple angles. Comparing with the centralized energy-consuming instruments, the wired communication mode is adopted to collect the energy-consuming instruments, and the wireless communication mode is adopted to collect the decentralized energy-consuming instruments of the first and second levels. Both the mechanical water meters and the mechanical electric meters connected externally can be collected automatically, and the energy-consuming instruments can be all connected online without dead angle.

Energy consumption monitoring of key equipment

Comparison of energy consumption between teams and groups

Monthly energy consumption comparison

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