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Tianfu ERP Fabric trade solution The original excellent fabric trade enterprise did so

Tianfu Trade ERP system incorporates advanced and excellent management ideas of textile trading enterprises, introduces a system, not only to buy a product, but also to introduce a set of advanced management ideas and management norms, is a deep-seated transformation of enterprises, to bring enterprises not only the improvement of efficiency, but also enterprises. The improvement of the overall quality will lay a good foundation for the sustained and stable development of enterprises. Tianfu trade ERP two sub orders trade and store trade.

Solve the problem of data reconciliation with other parties.

Clear accounts with cotton mills, weaving mills, dyeing factories, finished factories and customers. Bills, Weixin receipts and expenditures can also be included in the management of the period of customer arrears and rate of return statements, various income, expenditure, fees bank running account.

Solve the problem of uncontrollable loss in outsourcing production process

Control each key point in the process, including the purchase of grey cloth, dyeing processing, finished goods processing and other aspects of the input and output management, real-time control of each order at each key point in the loss (shrinkage) situation, loss (shrinkage) abnormal warning.

Solve the problem of standardization and process of enterprise work

Straighten out the business process, straighten out the key work links, so that the key issues can be effectively controlled, reduce contradictions between departments; strengthen process control, so that the former vague, invisible business processes more transparent and coordinated; through the information platform, the management system and the implementation of effective integration, reduce the artificial casual Meaning.

Convenient mobile approval documents, handling business anytime, anywhere

Combining with the mobile documentary system, the whole process of each order can be known at any time, including receiving orders, placing purchase orders, plain cloth warehousing, plain dyeing processing instructions, plain cloth delivery to dyeing plants, plain dyeing plants, plain cloth delivery to finished goods warehouse, finished products shipped to customers, customer receipts, etc.

The profit cost of a single core at any time.

The system can dynamically collect the cost of each link according to the order, including the cost of purchasing grey cloth, dyeing process, finished product processing and other additional costs such as transportation costs, sample costs, etc. associated with the order sales, automatically calculate the profit of each order.

Establish enterprise network system and build collaborative operation platform

All departments work together in the same open information network platform to standardize business processes, prevent risks, complete remote data entry, query, approval and other functions. Gradually realize the integration and optimization of the entire supply chain, and build a platform for enterprises to work with customers, partners and suppliers.

Tianfu textile trade ERP Feature introduction

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