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Tianfu ERPWeaving solution

Tianfu Weaving ERP subdivision shuttle weaving, knitting, warp and weft weaving, and white grey weaving, yarn-dyed weaving and other versions, suitable for domestic and export shuttle weaving, knitted fabric production and management, order, planning, technology, production, warehouse, finance and other business links to achieve effective convergence, fully realize the enterprise Information sharing can make full use of the benefits of management informationization, optimize production scheduling under limited production capacity, plug loopholes, realize fine management and internal control of enterprises, and continuously improve technology to guide production, improve business transparency and production control in the whole production process of weaving enterprises, stabilize and improve quality, so as to be true. Achieving the goal of improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Standardization of basic data, standardization and streamlining of work

The management of basic data is an important part of enterprise's basic management. On this basis, straighten out the business process, straighten out the key work links, so that key issues can be effectively controlled, reduce contradictions between departments; strengthen process management and control, so that the former fuzzy, invisible business processes more transparent and coordinated.

Integrating internal supply chain management to better respond to market changes

Effective management of process change, management of process design and production of information communication, as far as possible to synchronize design and production, shorten the product development cycle and delivery cycle. Through strict organization and planning, the operation, procurement and other more realistic, reduce the blindness of raw material procurement, reduce inventory funds, strengthen the control of production costs.

Solve the problem of uncontrollable loss in outsourcing production process

Control every key point in the process, including the input and output management of outsourcing dyeing yarn, weaving, dyeing, finished products processing, real-time control of each order in the key point loss (shrinkage) situation, the loss (shrinkage) abnormal warning.

Solve financial and business integrated management problems

Strengthen the financial supervision, realize the integrated management of Finance and business, realize the integrated management of purchasing and accounts payable, the integrated management of sales and accounts receivable, the integration of production and cost management, effectively manage the income and expenditure and occupation of enterprise funds, thereby improving the ability of fund management;

The profit cost of a single core at any time.

The system can dynamically collect the cost of each link according to the order, including the purchase cost, production cost, dyeing processing cost, finished product processing cost, and other additional costs related to the order, such as transportation costs, sample costs, etc., and automatically calculate the profit of each order according to the sales volume of the order.

Establish enterprise network system and build cooperative work platform

In logistics management, through the comprehensive management of inventory, control of receiving and receiving goods, goods movement, returns and exchanges, strengthen the business guidance and unified control of local branches.

Tianfu ERPFeature introduction

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