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MES system---The core of the digital workshop

MES is controlled by digital production process, with the help of automation and intelligent technology to realize intelligent workshop manufacturing control, transparency of production process, digitalization of manufacturing equipment and integration of production information.

Nine major application coversEvery part of the workshop production

Tianfu MES Software is a digital execution system specially developed for the textile printing and dyeing industry. Tianfu MES is seamlessly connected to Tianfu ERP.

Suitable for textile printing and dyeing workshopsExecutive digital control system

Tianfu MES Manufacturing Execution System is a set of informatization management software for the textile printing and dyeing production industry based on the latest software technology and automation development.

Real-time management and efficient collaboration

  • 01. Collect workshop data automatically and in real time, reduce the amount of statistical work, and reduce staff and efficiency.
  • 02. Automatically issue production schedules, guide the workshop to produce on time, and improve equipment utilization.
  • 03. Production tasks, process parameters, etc. are automatically delivered to the production floor to achieve paperless and efficient delivery and reduce errors.
  • 04. Production target kanban, real-time display of progress and target differences, stimulating employees' sense of urgency.
  • 05. Optimize the production process of the workshop, real-time production management and control, shorten the production cycle and increase production capacity.
  • 06. Seamlessly connect with ERP, get through the implementation of the plan, solve the problem that ERP can't manage production.
  • 07. The software solidifies the operation process, guides the employees to complete the work according to the specifications, and standardizes the operation.
  • 08. It is found that the violations are automatically reminded, and the penalty notices are issued without overdue corrections to improve execution.

For the management difficulties of the textile printing and dyeing industryResponses

Difficulties in the management of the textile printing and dyeing industry Tianfu MES's highly targeted response measures
The production data collection is large and the processing is complicated: order-type production with multiple varieties and small batches, typical process manufacturing mode, long process, frequent process splitting, many parameters, and numerous processing equipment. Support demolition card: automatically decompose the current process recipe parameters from the ERP according to the process split card,   greatly reduce the number of order changes, to achieve production progress, quality, production tracking.
A variety of flexible acquisition methods: station machine, barcode / QR code, RFID, instrumentation, sensors, PLC, HMI interface.
The planned scheduling has a large workload and low efficiency: the production arrangement is limited by various factors such as materials, equipment, process, repair, and customer demand changes, and sudden changes such as frequent and frequent insertions due to planned changes.
Automatic production pre-arrangement: based on the machine's suitable variety, capacity, cylinder volume, process, color, production time, delivery time factor, through the combination of genetic theory and genetic algorithm, intelligent pre-arrangement workshop operation plan, can be manually adjusted flexibly, effectively solve urgent problems Single insert and efficient scheduling and other issues.
Work coordination difficulties: The materials, equipment, process recipes, plans and other information involved in production are distributed in different departments and the status changes frequently.
Workshop information terminal: Touch screen industrial computer or wireless terminal is deployed to the workshop to view work tasks, provide powerful data support for the workshop and convenient collection means.
Difficulties in energy management and control: The industry consumes a large amount of energy, has low efficiency, and has high costs.
Establish a three-level energy system for automatic collection: timely monitoring of energy-intensive equipment through real-time energy consumption monitoring, avoiding unnecessary waste of energy consumption, quantifying data as the core, and continuously improving energy management level, which is also quite high The service life of the device.
Difficulties in production control: The production and management of the textile printing and dyeing industry is heavy, the work is complicated, the process flow is fast, and the quality problems are affected.
Production Management Kanban: Real-time display of production progress and task completion, real-time monitoring / display of the operating status of production equipment. Automatically discover abnormalities such as schedule, quality, equipment, etc., perform a red light warning, and track the processing. If the processing is not completed when the time limit is exceeded, a ticket will be automatically issued to the responsible person.

In-depth custom workshop production control for enterprisesBest solution software

Tianfu MES has developed a set of software, hardware and network technology for the textile printing and dyeing industry with small batches and varieties, complicated process, huge amount of information and difficult production coordination.
Solutions that effectively guide shop floor production have been successfully applied and achieved significant results.