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Tianfu ERPPrinting and dyeing solutions

The trend of individuation, stylization and functionalization of products (fabrics) is increasing. More and more products are produced in small batches and varieties. Customers are demanding higher and higher quality. Intermittent multi-machine multi-process flow operation, the entire production process for a high degree of flow, accompanied by a large number of formula information, parameter information, production information, quality information, printing and dyeing process is not a simple operation of equipment, testing the enterprise is more rapid reaction capacity. Tianfu Printing and Dyeing ERP solutions: 1, laboratory refined management, process warehousing and continuous improvement; 2, refined production scheduling to improve production efficiency, stable quality, reduce production costs; 3, order progress real-time tracking, piece-by-piece wage statistics complex issues; 4, all kinds of warehouses; Savings, capital accounts, and customer reconciliation issues; 5, including raw materials, personnel, dyes and chemicals, energy and other aspects of the order cost accounting issues.。

Tianfu Printing and Dyeing ERP takes technology management as the core, technology guides production, and takes planning management as the main line to sort out and improve the basic process of products. To realize all-round integration of enterprise information resources, standardization of management, plugging management loopholes and promoting fine management. Both processing, distribution, double distribution business mode.

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